1. The child is required to attend the morning assembly of the school and she should be punctual of the school timings.

2. The first page of the dairy should be completed and duly signed by parents.

3. The diary of child should be regularly signed by parents as class teachers will check it daily.

4. Home work should be regularly done by the child, please check it daily from the dairy to ensure whether she has done it or not.

5. The child must daily bring pencils, rubber, pen, books and note books etc as required per class time-table except ink bottle.

6. The child must have a clean handkerchief daily with him for use.

7. The child must wear white and clean undergarments.

8. The child must come to school in proper and clean uniform.

9. The nails of the child must always be clean and properly trimmed, teeth must be clean and brushed daily.

10. The hair of the child must always be clean i.e. without lice/nits; otherwise she will not allowed to sit in the class.

11. The child must daily bring light and dry snakes in a clean lunch box with the name of child written with marker/sticker on it.

12. The child must not wear or bring to school unnecessary things e.g. story books, toys, mobile phone, camera etc. or any other harmful things such as sharp pointed objects or scissors etc.

13. The child must not wear or bring costly things to the school.

14. The books and note books of the child should be properly covered with transparent plastic sheet and maintained in proper condition throughout the session.

15. If the child is not feeling well in the morning please do not send her to school.

16. The child should not be sent to the school, if there is any suspicion of suffering from any contagious infection/disease.

17. Child must speak English and read English story books at home. It will help your child to gain confidence in speaking English without hesitation during school hours.

18. Kindly be punctual of the timings and date as mentioned in the letters issued from the school in connection with your child's progress, otherwise the discussion will be delayed which will effect the child's progress.

19. Parents can come to school on working days expect Gazette Holidays to discuss their child's progress on appointment from the school office or class teacher through student diary.

20. In case of any unforseen holiday, donot believe your child words but see his diary or slip given from school.

Note:If a child remains absent from school without an application from parents/guradians or without any serious reason, she will be fined especially during revision and test/Exams.
Please note school phone numbers for any information.
Your co-operation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

School Branches
Number of Peshawar Model School are 14,
Boys Branches are 9,
Girls are 5.
8 branches in Peshawar,
Others in Mardan, Nowshera, Islamabad.

1- Peshawar Model School (Girls), Warsak Road, Peshawar

2- Peshawar Model School (Girls Mardan Campus), Nissatta Road, Mardan

3- Peshawar Model School (Girls Charsadda Campus), Mardan Road, Charsadda

4- Peshawar Model School (Girls), Dalazak Road, Peshawar

5- Peshawar Model School (Girls Nowshera Campus), Tehsil Road, Nowshera

School Branches