I am thankful to Allah on this joyous moment of website launching. This website should have appeared on computer screens a long time ago, but various factors hindered its coming into existence. However, it’s better to be late than never. This website will help all the branches of PMEI to coordinate and cooperate in an easy and effective manner. It will also be helpful for all the students and their parents. I congratulate the management of City University for taking the initiative and accepting the great task of compiling and launching a joint website for all the branches of PMEI. This was a great challenge and City University not only accepted but also accomplished this task. This site contains complete information about PMEI. It contains a short history of each branch of PMEI, information about the staff, the curriculum taught, admissions and all the other minute details. I also congratulate I.T. Section particularly and the others generally who contributed their efforts into this website.